Above the Bar Families
We are ready to begin reopening under the Phase 2 Guidelines for our Recreational Classes starting Saturday, June 27. We would like to let you know what we have been doing to get things ready and how we plan to keep us all safe!

This past two weeks, we have been in the gym working with our team and preteam athletes, working out check-in procedures and using our new cleaning kits.  We are following all of the guidelines and have made the effort to make our gym safe for all our kids and families.  We have installed touchless faucets and soap dispensers in the bathrooms and filled hand sanitizing spray bottles for use all over the gym.  
We can’t wait to see everyone!

Before Coming to Practice
  • Parents will have to log on to the parent portal or app and resign the Updated waivers.  Please read carefully, as we have made important changes with regard to Covid-19.
  • No one with a fever or who has been exposed to a Covid-19 Case in the last 14 days in permitted in the building.

Arrival Procedures
  • There is a limited number of people allowed in the building at once, so priority will be given to Staff and Athletes.
  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask or face covering, including the athletes until practice begins and while using restroom or on a break.
  • Upon arrival, a check in lane will be set up.  We will meet you at your car, take your child’s temperature, ask the required questions and escort your child into the building.
  • If you have business with the front desk, we encourage you to call or email.
  • Only one parent/guardian per family may enter the building. (No siblings or friends.)
  • Anyone entering the building must wash their hands with soap and water.

Athlete Considerations
  • Cubbies cannot be used at this time.
  • Each athlete will bring their own bag into the gym for their belongings, water bottle (labeled), (For Team--a Gallon or Larger Ziplock bag for chalk, and a small water spray bottle if needed.)
  • Personal Tissues and Hand sanitizer should also be kept in the bag. (Even though they are available in the gym.)
  • No Snacks or Food are permitted in the gym.
  • Athletes must maintain the required Social Distance throughout practice.  Please discuss this with them before coming to practice/class.
  • Only one person(or parent and a child) may use the restroom at a time and must wear a mask.
  • All water fountains are closed.

Leaving the Gym After Practice/Class
  • At the end of practice, each gymnast should sanitize/wash their hands.
  • Team and Preteam Gymnasts will leave the building from the back door near the roll-up door.
  • Class kids will leave by the side door (the side of the gym near the road.) 
  • Please be on time to pick-up your child, as we will be preparing the gym for the next group.
  • Athletes will not be permitted to congregate after practice in the parking lot. 

Coaches and Staff
  • It is important that everyone comply with the directions given by Staff and Coaches.
  • Coaches may be wearing face shields and or masks during practice if we need to get close to your child.
  • At this time Coaches will not be spotting skills, but will spot you child for safety only.
  • Coaches and Staff will be cleaning between rotations, and after each group leaves.
  • Coaches and Staff undergo daily health screenings prior to work.

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