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  • Fill out the Form that opens.  You will pay the Registration Fee and the first Month’s Tuition.  
  • If you enroll after the first of the month, your tuition will be prorated.  This must be done by our staff.  The program will post your full tuition and we will adjust it prior to processing your payment.  Calling the gym to confirm your tuition amount is advised.
  • If the class you want has a wait list, please enroll on the wait list and we will notify you when there is an opening!  You may wish to call the gym for updates.
  • If timely notice of withdrawal is not given, you will be responsible for tuition and fees until the notice is received. Withdrawal during the month will not be prorated. A Change/Drop form is available at the front desk. 
  • Preferred payment method is Credit or Debit Card, or Cash.
  • Your child will remain enrolled in that class unless you give us a “30-Day” prior notice in writing on our Change Form before the first day of the month prior to the month you wish to drop.  (Example, if you wish to drop April 30, notice must be received by March 31.)  
  • After initial enrollment, the tuition for each month will be automatically processed using your Credit or Debit card on file on the First Day of each month, until you withdraw in writing as provided.  A late fee of $25 will be applied if tuition is unpaid after 5 days.  
  • Tuition and Registration Fees are Non-Refundable

Please be mindful of the Gym Holiday and Closed Dates 
which are shown on the Holiday and Closed Dates Page!

Tuition Payments and Gym Drop Dates

 If you wish to drop 
the class on:
 Drop Form MUST be received BEFORE:
 Your Last Tuition Payment Will Be On:
 Late Payment 
Fee of $25 
Applied On:

October 31
September 30
October 1
October 5
November 30
October 31
November 1
November 5
December 31
November 30
December 1
December 5
January 31
December 31
January 1
January 5
February 28
January 31
February 1
February 5
March 31
February 28
March 1
March 5
April 30
March 31
April 1
April 5
May 31
April 30
May 1
May 5
June 30
May 31
June 1
June 5  

All Parent-Tot Classes are Coed 
 Parent and Tot  Age 18 months to 3 years  45 min Once a Week $75 per Month

All Preschool Classes are Coed 

     Preschool 1     Age 3-4    45 min Once a Week $75 per Month
       Preschool 2      Age 3-5     1 Hour Once a Week  $85 per Month

Classes for School-Aged Children

 Beginner Girls Age 5-9
1 Hour Once a Week
$85 per Month

Advanced Beginner Girls

Boys Age 5-15
1 Hour Once a Week  $85 per Month
Boys Beginner              Age 5-15            Boys Only

Advanced Beginner Boys

Senior Beginner Girls  Age 9-14 
1 Hour Once a Week
$85 per Month

Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate
Girls Classes and Boys Classes
 Girls Intermediate                      Age 7-15
        Boys Intermediate                   Age 7-15          
1 Hour 30 minutes Once a Week 
 $105 per Month
Please call the gym to arrange an evaluation unless
our coaching staff has recommended a move to this class.

Girls Intermediate

Girls Advanced Intermediate

Boys Intermediate

Advanced Girls
     Age 7-16       
1 Hour 30 minutes Once a Week 
$105 per Month
Please call the gym to arrange an evaluation unless
our coaching staff has recommended a move to this class.

 Great for Cheerleaders Who Need Extra Practice!
    1 Hour Once a Week     $85 per  Month

Contact the Gym Directly to Arrange Group Classes for 
Tumbling/Conditioning for Dance or Cheer Teams 

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